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Our Promise

Our Mission:

We see our clients as our own family, and nothing is more important to us than family. With todays advancing technology, we strive to provide clear assessments of your needs, highest quality service, and expert cost-efficient solutions geared to make your network safe, secure, and stress free – in the most cost effective manner.

Client satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is our primary focus. Each client is unique, as is each project. As such, we assess each project and strive to design all encompassing custom tailored solutions for our clients. We guarantee a full analysis of the task(s) and/or project(s), ensure that our clients are provided with an assessment of the solution(s), along with a quote outlining the product(s) and/or service(s) needed, along with alternative solutions based on your budgetary guidelines. Each solution will be explained in a simple manner in order to ensure your decision making process is as easy and clear as possible. This model allows you the option to choose the solution that makes the most sense for you, and ultimately ensures that you are fully satisfied with the final implementation.


With great service comes great satisfaction. We are always available for your referrals, and thank you in advance for suggesting our services to your friends, coworkers and family. Each and every project we complete bears our signature, with and we are always aware of that to ensure the quality of the service you receive.

Follow up:

Because we see our clients as family, we understand that each and every project needs to be followed up in order to ensure our customer’s system is reaching his/her expectation.


With over 15 years of Customer Support and Helpdesk Management experience, we are able to ensure the right solutions for your needs in a way that’s sure to resolve your problems, all within your budget.

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Virus Removal

Backing up your data first, into your/our an external hard drive, clean up all kind of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Root Toolkit, on the site or offsite at our office. Scanning your computer with a bootable media with Anti virus. Free 15 minutes tutorial how to protect your PC from viruses, and installing necessary pop-up and malware blockers.

Computer and Laptop Tune-up

Cleaning up any kind of Viruses, Toolbars, Trojans, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Root Toolkit. Cleaning up unnecessary softwares, temp files, optimize the computer, defragment the hard drive to make the computer faster. Windows & hardware drivers updates, free Microsoft’s Windows Security Essential anti-virus installation.

Home and Office networking, File and Printer sharing

Securely share files, internet and printers anywhere in your office or home. Safe and secure wireless network installation. Setup your router to improve download/internet speed. Block unnecessary ports to prevent intrusion and enhance the security.

Price for Parts and Advice

Provide you an advice for the right equipment to achieve what you need for the higher service quality and standards. Our prices are guaranteed to the lowest from the major retailers as we buy our equipment by using our re-seller account on the major distributors.

Disaster Prevention: Backup and Recovery

We provide backup services for your company/home data. We set up an external hard disk drive on the network to backup every computer’s data in a private folders where only the owner of that person can access for privacy. In case of hardware of software failure, or virus or spayware issues, your data will be safe to be restored. Cloud backup option; providing a secure and password protected online backup services. The encryption is not being shared with online storage unit even using Google Drive Service. Offsite backup system; Additional external hard drive to backup the data in the network, then this external hard drive will be taken to customer’s house/office to keep it in safe.

VPN and Secure Remote Access Systems

A remote-access VPN allows you to establish secure connections with a remote computer network, weather you are working from home or your cottage, yacht, vacation. MAC network, TimeMachine, AppleTv, iPad, iPhone support We can create a Mac network where all your Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones can be backed up to TimeMachine with your personal password, also shared media library to see all selected music, video and pictures to be shared with everyone in the Mac Network securely.

Remote Support

We can connect to your network securely and provide remote support while you are having problems, we can resolve them remotely to provide faster service. This way, we can also provide remote maintenance on off hours with setting up a convenient time for you to work and for us to work to complete the job.

Provide a loaner computer

In case of your an incident, where your PC is not being able to used, we can provide a temporary PC for your use during the outage. This is a Free of charge service for customers. Once your PC is up and running, we will clean the PC to its default settings to ensure the privacy as well as data security.

Our Team

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Bora Alap

Web Developer and Designer

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Atilla Soylu

Ceo and Founder